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Getting Organized

Pegboard Drawer Bottoms

When building a set of drawers for added storage in your shop, consider using 1⁄4" pegboard for the drawer bottoms. Look for pegboard that has a white melamine surface on it. This “lightens up” the inside of the drawers making it easier to find specific tools, and is easier to keep clean. But there’s another big advantage with pegboard. You can make use of the holes by adding dividers for the drawers. This helps keep things organized. On shallow drawers, you can use 1⁄4"-dia. dowels on the bottom of the partitions to locate them in the holes.

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It’s good to keep screws, nails, and other small hardware items organized and handy. Endless bins and boxes cluttering up your workbench getting covered in sawdust isn’t fun for anybody. Here’s a quick tip to organize your shop by replacing your hardware bins and random boxes with small plastic food containers hidden away below your upper cabinets.

To get them off the bench and keep them close at hand, make a simple runner system. In the drawing, notice that a hardboard strip catches the lip on the plastic container and acts as a drawer runner. The strip of hardboard is simply attached to a mounting cleat that provides clearance for the container and the lid underneath the cabinet. This simple runner system keeps those small parts well organized, in one central location, and always within reach.

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