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Workbench Storage Solutions

Turn any workbench into an even harder-working tool by adding a few simple storage accessories to keep the supplies you need close at hand.

A workbench is an indispensible tool. It provides a dedicated place to work on a wide variety of projects. But a bench doesn’t always offer a lot in the way of storage to hold all the tools and supplies you’ll use. Here are a few simple ideas you can use to add storage to almost any bench.

Start with a Big, Open Shelf
Start with a Big, Open Shelf One of the easiest ways to build storage in to a bench is to add a big, open shelf underneath. An open shelf keeps items easy to reach, but still out of the way. An open shelf also makes it easy to store large or awkward items like tool cases, boxes, or parts of your project.

Most benches will have lower rails of some kind that you can probably attach your shelves to. Just be sure you make the shelf from a sturdy material, such as 3/4" plywood, so that you won’t have to worry when you load it up with big, heavy items.

Add a Set of Shallow Shelves
Add a Set of Shallow Shelves An open shelf is great for holding big things, but isn’t a good pace to keep smaller stuff. For those you can add a set of shallow shelves. If you put your shallow shelves along the back of the bench or at the ends, you can still have plenty of space for an open shelf, too.

To make shallow shelves, just build a simple box using 1x6 boards and a back made from thin plywood or hardboard. Then add shelves and a divider, made from more 1x6s, as needed.

Provide Storage with Pegboard
Provide Storage with Pegboard Image Some tools, such as clamps, wrenches, and screwdrivers can’t be effectively stored on shelves. A great way to store these is to hang them on hooks attached to pegboard.

You can easily enclose one end of your bench with a pegboard panel to make this possible. Either screw the panel directly to the bench legs, or place the pegboard in a simple frame, and then attach it to the bench.

Create Custom Storage
Create Custom Storage Image Depending on the kinds of projects you do, you may need some customized storage for specialized tools or supplies. You can create your own from wood scraps or other small pieces and attach them to the edge of your bench top.

By creating customized storage, you’ll be able to hold those specialized tools and supplies effectively. Plus, you’ll be able to access them easily while keeping your bench top free of clutter.

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