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Squeezing even more storage into your small shop area, is always a plus. If you’ve got exposed stud walls, this simple solution can help you get the most out of your tight space.

This sliding pegboard storage solution is a handy space saver. Start by building a frame for the pegboard to span across three studs. The frame adds rigidity to the pegboard, making it stronger. Then, install a handle on the panel, which makes the panel easier to slide up and down. With the panel complete, it’s time to mount heavy-duty drawer slides vertically onto the studs. You’ll need to take the slides apart so you can mount one part to the studs and the other part to the pegboard panel.


As you see, the slides are mounted on the exposed edges of the studs. This way, they don’t take up any of the storage space between the studs. For a stronger connection to the studs, use can use longer screws than those typically included with drawer slides. Before you put the slides back together, it’s a good idea to plan out how the panel will be supported in the open and closed positions. To hold the panel in the open position, consider using a dowel with a metal pin that slips into a hole drilled in the center stud. To keep from losing the dowel, attached it to a chain mounted to one side of the center stud. Then, to relieve the pressure on the drawer slides in the closed position, simply install a lag screw in the center stud.

Once that’s done, assemble the slides and make sure they don’t bind. After adding some hooks and pegboard hardware, you’ll find that the sliding panel provides valuable storage plus full access to the shelves behind it.


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