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Top 10 Tips For Power-Tool Battery Care
As a Kreg Jig® owner, you’re almost certainly a battery-powered drill owner as well. One thing to keep in mind is that a power tool without any power is really not much use at all. By taking proper care of the battery in your portable drill you’ll ensure the longest battery life possible. Here are ten great tips to help you get the most out of your drill’s battery.

1) Don’t Wear it Down. Well, sometimes.

NiCAD batteries should be fully discharged and fully charged at least once every few weeks to guard against the ‘memory effect’ which can reduce your battery’s capacity over time. LiON batteries on the other hand generally perform best if they’re seldomly discharged fully.

2) Use a ‘Smart’ Charger

Cheap chargers will over-charge and over-heat a battery if it’s left plugged in. Smart chargers on the other hand feature something called a maintenance mode which it switches to once the battery is full, preventing further charging.

3) Avoid Long-Term Storage

Anyone who’s ever tried to start a car after a long time in storage knows what happens to batteries if they go for an extended time without being charged/used. Failure to occasionally charge, use, and recharge your battery will lead to a shorter battery life.

4) Keep it Clean

Battery powered drills you use for Kreg Joinery™ will inevitably get dirty, dusty, and hot. To ensure that the battery connections are kept clean, wipe them down occasionally with alcohol and cotton swabs to ensure proper functionality and a longer battery life.

5) H2Ohhh No!

Although most would consider it ‘common sense,’ it’s important to realize that exposing your cordless power tools to moisture including rain and even high humidity can be a major problem. Take steps to avoid such conditions, and if it happens – be sure to wipe any excess moisture off of your tool as soon as possible.

6) Keep It Cool

If water is a battery’s biggest enemy, then heat is its evil sidekick. When storing your power tool batteries, be sure to store them in a dry, cool, clean place away from heat.

7) Cut Your Losses

When you’re not using your tool for an extended period of time, don’t leave your batteries connected. Should a battery cell ever short out and leak, it could cause significant damage to the tool.

8) All Batteries Aren’t Created Equal

NiCAD – Currently the most cost-effective battery chemistry available. Ideal for people who need affordability, high performance, complete functionality in exceedingly high and low temperatures. Main drawback is it’s susceptibility to the ‘memory effect.’

NiMH – Reduced memory effect, increased capacity and longer operation time than NiCAD, but less performance/functionality in temperature extremes.

LiON – Excellent power-to-weight ratio, long-lasting, relatively expensive, does not suffer from ‘memory effect’. Increased potential performance/functionality loss in temperature extremes.


9) Rebuild, Don’t Re-buy

When your power tool battery begins to lose power or capacity, you might think it’s time to replace it completely. But hold on, often times there are services available for your particular manufactured battery that will replace the smaller cells in your battery with new ones for the fraction of the price of buying new. Do your research before making another trip to the store!

10) Recycle

When your cordless tool batteries are worn out, don’t throw them away. Recycle them. Visit www.RBRC.com to find out how.


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