6 Simple Yet Essential Sanding Tips
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6 Simple Yet Essential Sanding Tips

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1) Even Strokes

Don’t sand wood like you scrub the floor. Use long, even strokes. This way, by sanding in a straight line with the grain, and not going sideways across the grain, your sanding marks will be less visible or hopefully invisible.

2) Pre-Sand

You should sand glued-up panels (and large pieces) before cutting them to size. This keeps the thickness more consistent around the edges, which could tend to end up a little thinner. Avoid sanding up to the edges of a board with a power sander (unless you want to round them slightly). Instead, use a sanding block.

3) The Right Grit

You can use larger grits to fix mistakes. For example, if you’re sanding with 150-grit sandpaper and you find a deep scratch, stop and switch to a coarser grit to remove the scratch. Then, work back up to 150 and continue.

4) Different Grain,
Different Grit

End grain tends to “drink up” more stain, making it darker than the face grain. To get the end grain to accept a stain the same as the face grain, sand the end grain a couple grits finer.

5) Watch Your Corners

If you’ve stained a project, be careful when sanding between coats of finish. And avoid the edges if possible. (Stay about 1/8" away.) It’s too easy to cut through the finish and remove the stain, unless of course you’re going for that distressed old fashioned look.

6) Tight Spots

To sand in tight to a corner or up to an edge, wrap some sandpaper around a dull chisel or a putty knife.


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