Super Fast Fixes For 3 Flawed Finishes
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Super Fast Fixes For 3 Flawed Finishes
So, you finished a beautiful piece of furniture – built with your handy Kreg Jig® - and promptly placed it in the house to be used. No matter what kind of house you live in, whether you have kids running around nor not, wood furniture usually takes a lot of abuse, and the finish is always the first thing to show the wear. But in most situations, there’s an easy solution for making the finish look like new again.

1 Solving Scratches
An Ugly Scratch: If you’ve built a table or long shelf with your Kreg Jig®, chances are good that eventually it will end up with a large scratch or two that expose the bare wood beneath the finish.

Touch Up Stain & Finish: Scratch repair involves two steps: matching the color and then repairing the finish. For color matching, stain markers have a fine tip that’s perfect for filling in scratches. You may need to experiment by combining the stain from two or more markers before you find the right color match.
Just like with regular stain, you’ll want to "over-apply" the stain from the marker. Then let it soak in for five to ten minutes, and dab off the excess with a clean cloth.
When the stain dries, fill in the missing finish with a fine-tipped artist’s brush. Choose a sheen that’s consistent with the existing finish.
To prevent the new "line" of finish from standing out, blend it with the surrounding finish after it dries. To do this, use water and 600-grit "wet and dry" sandpaper to lightly wet-sand the finish.

1 Solving Scratches
Lost Luster: The Kreg Jig® is great at helping you build projects faster than you thought possible – but one thing it can’t do is make the finish on your project last longer. The finish on all frequently used pieces of furniture will gradually begin to fade from glossy to dull.

Wax On, Wax Off: A little paste wax is sometimes all that’s needed to revive the finish.
Load a "0000" (very fine) steel wool pad with wax, and rub in the direction of the grain.
Use a clean, dry cloth to buff out the wax, rubbing in a circular motion.

1 Solving Scratches
Moisture Made It Murky: Water and other liquids won’t immediately damage most finishes. Let it sit long enough, though, and it will eventually create a milky, cloudy stain.

Restor-A-Finish: The traditional fix for water damage is rubbing alcohol, but we found that alcohol actually begins to remove the finish if not wiped off immediately. Another solution is Restor-A-Finish from Howard Products. It literally erased water spots we thought were permanent. To use it, place a small amount on a rag, wipe it over the surface, and then wipe it off.


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