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APRIL 2018
Types of Clamps and How To Use Them
As your woodworking skills grow, so will your clamp collection. And you can never have too many clamps, right? While this may be overstated, the point is clear: The key to a successful project isn’t how many clamps you have, but having the right clamp for the job. This month in Kreg Plus, we’ll discuss different types of clamps and how to use them.
Face Clamps
If you build a lot of Kreg Jig® projects, you might own a Face Clamp or two. Our Classic Face Clamps are designed to create perfectly flush Kreg Joints. They also work great for lots of other shop and project tasks that require solid clamping without marring. Large clamp pads distribute clamping force evenly and hold pieces flush during assembly. When used in Kreg Joinery, the clamp face gets positioned on the “show side” of the joint.

Available in 2" and 3" reach, they’re compatible with the Kreg Jig® R3 and Portable Base. A simple screw adjusts the clamp to match material thickness.
Wood Project Clamps
Wood Project Clamps are perfect for Kreg Joinery, project assembly, general clamping, and more. Available in 3" and 6", these versatile clamps also have large faces and are compatible with the R3 and Portable Base

Thanks to Automaxx®, they adjust automatically to match material thickness with a simple squeeze of handles, so you can clamp a 2x4 and then a piece of 1/2" plywood without readjusting the clamp.
Corner Clamps
Our new 90° Corner Clamp provides the extra hands you need during project assembly, so you don’t have to hold the large sides of a box or case in place while you attach pieces together. This handy clamp ensures pieces sit at precise 90-degree angles, which is tough to do with other types of clamps – even other types of corner clamps.

The 90° Corner Clamp also simplifies “T” joints that are commonly used to attach things like shelves and partitions. This clamp features Automaxx® and adjusts automatically to grip workpieces securely.
Right Angle Clamps
Right Angle Clamps are perfect for attaching face frames to cabinets, assembling drawers and shelving, and other situations where you need to join workpieces at 90° angles. The steel pin on this clamp is shaped to fit snugly into a pocket hole, securely anchoring one workpiece against the other for easy assembly. Just drive a screw into an adjacent pocket hole while the Right Angle Clamp holds the piece steady for you.
Bench Clamps
Bench Clamps are perfect for creating flush-fitting assemblies with Kreg Joinery, and they're great for project assembly, routing, cutting, sanding, drilling, and more. Kreg Bench Clamps work with Kreg Clamp Trak and Plates, the Clamp TableMobile Project Center, and more to secure workpieces using an extra-large padded clamp face that evenly distributes clamping force. The Kreg Bench Clamp with Base allows you to mount Kreg Bench Clamps to any work surface that's equipped with 3/4" or 20mm bench dog holes. 
In-Line Clamps
When working with solid-wood panels, you want a clamp that allows you to hold pieces securely without getting in the way. Our new In-Line Clamp applies pressure from the side, rather than from overhead. This makes it possible to get more from any bench with dog holes—or any surface where you can drill holes. Also makes a perfect companion to the Mobile Project Center.

WATCH: Great Ways to Use the Kreg In-Line Clamp
Bar Clamps
Often called an “F” clamp because of its shape, the Bar Clamp is an essential workhorse for almost every wood-gluing task. This clamp will exert a lot of force thanks to the rigid bar and cast jaws. Plus, those jaws have depth to give the clamp good reach. You’ll find bar clamps with capacity ranging from a few inches to several feet. Kreg Bar Clamps adjust automatically when you change material sizes.
Give Your Clamp Collection A Home
Need a better way to store and organize your growing clamp collection? This clever storage system makes it easy to store them all, with individual racks that slip onto a wall-mounted rail. Check out these builds to see how others are using this project to store their clamps. Discover more free project plans here
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