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Easy Kitchen Makeover
Swapping cabinet hardware is an easy way to transform the look of your kitchen and more. In this edition of Kreg Plus, we'll share some tips to help you give cabinet doors and drawers a mini makeover with knobs and pulls.
Starting Points
The first step is to visit your local home center and bring one of your old knobs or pulls. This will help you match new pulls to the existing holes in your cabinets and compare the scale of the new hardware to your old hardware. If you'd rather browse online, just measure your old hardware to compare it to other options.

Purchase a few knobs or pulls in different styles, unscrew your current hardware, and replace it with the new cabinet hardware before making your final choice. Don't forget to replace your cabinet door hinges, too. Exposed hinges won't look good if they have a different finish than your new hardware.

Fitting & Fixes
For the simplest swap, try to find hardware that will fit in the same mounting holes as your old hardware. But if the hardware you want just won't match up, you do have a number of options for concealing the old holes. 

If you have painted wood cabinets, you can simply fill the old holes and then paint over them. Use wood putty to fill them, and then sand the filler. Paint over the patched holes with matching paint. For stained wood cabinets, you can fill the holes with colored wood putty. Some companies make wood putty in colors that match their stain colors. 

Some hardware manufacturers also offer backing plates that can be used to conceal old holes.

The Power of Placement
Most hardware is positioned about 3" from the top edge of base cabinet doors and the bottom edge of wall cabinet doors, but it's really a matter of personal preference. You can experiment with placement to get different looks; just be sure the hardware is easy to reach. You can also align knobs or the lower part of a pull with the edge of a door rail. 

Hardware placement is fairly straightforward for cabinet drawers. Center your knob or pull in the width of the drawer, but slightly above the centerline of the drawer's height. That way, the hardware will look like it's centered when viewed from above. If you have wide drawers, consider installing two evenly spaced knobs or pulls. 

Simplify the Process
To get accurate, consistent spacing for all of your cabinet hardware, you could measure and mark the holes on the doors and drawers by hand. But the task will be easier if you purchase a hardware installation jig, like the Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig. Jigs are available for installing door hinges (like the Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig) and drawer slides (like the Kreg Drawer Slide Jig) if you're making these updates.

The templates have holes that account for different sizes of hardware. When all of your holes are marked, you’re ready to drill them. Most hardware calls for 3/16" holes, but you’ll want to check this before you drill.
New Hardware in a Can
Paint certainly has the ability to transform your cabinet hardware, whether you want to change it to match your faucet or just give your cabinets a fresh look without the expense of new hardware. You can choose from a variety of metallic tones, including bronze, brass, and nickel. Another option is to use paint that will give your hardware a pop of color.

Applying paint to these small, irregular objects can be challenging. You can solve this with a cardboard box. Push the hardware’s screws through the bottom of the box from the inside. Then turn the box upside down, and use the screws to attach the hardware to the bottom of the box. Then you can paint your hardware without worrying about the pieces falling over as you work.
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