December 2018
Tips for Project Assembly and Working Safely
There are lots of safety precautions and important things to keep in mind when assembling projects. The (video) tips below highlight solutions for common DIY project challenges. Follow links for the full video tips.
How To Countersink a Screw
Learn how to install wood screws the right way using a special drill bit called a countersink. This bit makes it easy to drill holes that make it easy to drive the screw so it fits and looks just right.
Control Dust in a DIY Workspace
Sawdust and wood chips are an inevitable part of building with wood. You can help keep that mess under control, though, by collecting the dust at the tool. We’ll show you how, plus a cool device to automate your shop vacuum.

Pictured: Kreg Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine

Hold Case Sides at 90° During Assembly
When you're building projects with large panels, such as bookcases, boxes, or cabinets, holding the pieces in place while you drive in pocket-hole screws can be challenging. Thankfully, there's a special clamp that you can use to hold case pieces at right angles, so you have both hands free for assembly.
Hold Large Case Pieces During Assembly
When you’re building projects with plywood, it can be really tough to hold the pieces in place during assembly. Here are two ways to make it easier: a simple assembly jig, and a clever corner clamp.
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