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How To Cut Wood Straight
When you need to cut plywood and other large sheets down to size, you’ll want a reliable way to make long, straight cuts. An easy way to do this is with a saw guide.
Edge-Guided Cutting
For edge-guided cutting, choose a saw guide like the Kreg Rip-Cut. It has a long guide that follows the edge of your sheet and a long rail that positions your saw. You can just lock in the cutting width you want and then guide the saw along to make your cut. 

As you push the saw forward with your dominant hand, use your other hand to hold the edge guide against the sheet. That positions the saw so you don’t have to worry about following a cut line. With the Rip-Cut, you get nice, straight cuts consistently and easily.
Put Your "Good Face" Down
A good tip is to cut with the back face of the plywood up and the good face down. That way, if you get any splintering along the edge, it will be on the back face rather than the front.

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Track-Guided Cutting
Another type of saw guide is a track, like the Kreg Accu-Cut. With this type of guide, the track guides your saw as your saw rides on top. Cutting is almost effortless. Just use some downward pressure as you push the saw along. The sled that holds the saw follows the track exactly as you cut, while guide strips under the track hold it in place.
Support Your Sheet
With a track guide like the Accu-Cut, you get a nice, straight cut and a very clean edge. We recommend cutting sheets on 2" thick rigid foam insulation (available in home centers). It supports the whole sheet and makes cutting plywood a lot easier and safer. 

Optional Track Clamps are available for slick materials, such as melamine
Did You Know?
One great feature of the Accu-Cut sled is that you can remove it from the Accu-Cut track and install it on any Kreg Rip-Cut.

WATCH VIDEO: How To Use the Universal Accu-Cut Sled with the Rip-Cut
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