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7 Great Options for Shop Storage

When it comes to shop storage, there really is no “one-size-fits-all” answerWoodworkers purchase and create custom storage solutions based on their shop size, tool collection, accessibility needs, and more. In this edition of Kreg Plus, we’ll highlight seven shop storage options that will help inspire you to get your space in topnotch shape!

Concealed Storage on Wheels Header
Concealed Storage on Wheels Image Many people turn to enclosed storage, as it is perfect for protecting valuable tools from sawdust and shavings. The great thing about a tool storage cabinet is that you can make it mobile and customize it to fit your space and storage needs. Plus, the cabinet top can double as a work surface, where you can set tools, plans, or hardware while you work on projects nearby.

Tool cabinets can become quite heavy once they’ve been loaded up with all of your tools. A handy trick to help you move a heavy tool cabinet around your shop is to add heavy-duty casters (like Kreg Dual-Locking Casters). Once installed, casters will ensure a safe, stable storage and work station.

Up and Out of the Way Header
Up and Out of the Way If you’re tight on floor space in your shop, a great solution is to mount tool storage cabinets on the wall. Obviously, the main advantage of a wall-mounted cabinet is the preservation of shop space. You can keep all of your tools up and out of the way, and even store a larger power tool below it. Plus, a wall-mounted cabinet means you don’t have to bend down to get to the tools and hardware you need. You can even add glass to the doors to make the contents easy to see.

Turn to the Trusty Workbench Header
Turn to the Trusty Workbench Image A workbench is an essential part of any shop setup. Because you spend so much time working at the bench, it’s a great place to store the tools you commonly use for bench work. Use drawers and other compartments, and prioritize the storage space based on how much you use each tool. You’ll find that you can easily accommodate most of them in space below the benchtop. Add some open storage, as well, to house larger items like power tools or commonly-used jigs.

Open Shelving Header
Open Shelving ImageMany times, simpler is better. That’s why lots of people choose to create a series of open shelves, or “cubbies,” to access all of their tools more easily. Open-shelving units are probably the least expensive shop storage option, and they are also the easiest to put together. Plus, they keep all of your tools visible and within close reach while you’re working.

Tools Gathered and Close-At-Hand Header
Tools Gathered and Close-At-Hand To easily store small hand tools, try a magnetic tool rack. Cut a simple plywood board and then attach magnets (as many as you need) to its face. Magnets are readily available at most hardware stores and home centers in an assortment of sizes. Epoxy works well to hold them in place.

Get Creative with Pegboard Storage
Get Creative with Pegboard Storage Pegboard is an old standby for storage, but it doesn’t just have to be mounted to the wall. Consider using pegboard for cabinet doors or in other creative ways. Pegboard is inexpensive and versatile, and can quickly become easy-to-reach storage for small hand tools and more.

Reduce Clutter with Under-Cabinet Storage HDR
Reduce Clutter with Under-Cabinet Storage

You can create extra storage by utilizing the space under cabinets and shelves. Plastic food containers can easily fit under shelves on simple runners to hold hardware. You can create a simple runner system with a hardboard strip, which will catch the container’s lip and act like a drawer runner. Attach the strip to a mounting cleat to provide clearance for the container and its lid.

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