Plus: Freestanding Closet, Stuffed Animal Storage, Toy Storage Console, and more!
Space-Saving Project Ideas for Small Shops

Many of us don’t have the luxury of unlimited workspace, or even a dedicated workshop. This could mean we end up sharing shop space with the garage or basement. Although enlarging your shop may not be an option, it is possible to make the space you do have more efficient. This month we share project ideas to increase storage and workspace in shops of any size.

Wall Cabinets

Affordable and easy to build, wall-mounted cabinets are a great place to start. If you prefer to buy rather than build, pre-assembled cabinets can be purchased at your local home center. To add more storage, you can cut openings in the slab doors and install pegboard panels.


Versatile and inexpensive, pegboard provides a great storage solution. You can buy full sheets (4x8) at any big box store, but most also sell smaller, more manageable panels. This wall-mounted storage center gives tools a home, with a pegboard hanging area and storage shelves. Plus, there’s a handy desk surface to hold a tablet or notes while you work.

Lumber Cart

Keeping lumber and sheet goods neatly stored away makes room for more tools. Building materials can take up quite a bit of room—but are always good to have on hand—so a rolling lumber cart is a great space-saving idea. In addition, it allows you to move materials around as your project requires—which means less hauling for you.

Collapsible Workbench

You really only the space of an entire workbench in the midst of a project. Other times, it’s just something to walk around. That’s why — even in larger spaces — a drop-down workbench is a smart idea.

Flip-Top Cart

Another great space-saving strategy is to create a flip-top bench, which holds two pieces of equipment in one handy place. Gets two items such as a benchtop drill press and orbital sander off your workbench. Add casters to make it mobile.

Find even more project ideas to increase storage and workspace in your garage or shop here.

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