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JULY 2017
Tips for Accurate Cuts
When you think about using a circular saw, a job site may be the first thing that comes to mind. But you can also get great use out of a circular saw at home. This month in Kreg Plus, we’ll discuss techniques and accessories that will help you get accurate cuts with your circular saw.
Benefits of a Circular Saw

Investing in a circular saw for your home shop will give you the ability to cut big pieces of plywood, MDF, and other large sheet goods down into more manageable sizes. It can be difficult to lift and cut a piece of plywood on the table saw by yourself. Breaking the sheets down with a circular saw provides an easier alternative that also takes up less space.

VIDEO TIP: How To Carry Plywood Easily

Upgrade Your Saw Blade
To get the best results possible, consider upgrading your saw with a higher-quality 40-tooth blade. Blades will more teeth will produce a cleaner cut for woodworking tasks. You’ll find plenty of options at your local home centers and hardware stores.

Supporting Sheet Goods
You’ll also want to support the sheet with more than just sawhorses to keep pieces from falling. The setup doesn’t have to be elaborate though. A few 2x4s spanning the sawhorses will work. You can do this with a set of Kreg Mobile Project Centers.

Another Option
If you don’t want to deal with a sawhorse and 2x4 setup, you can simply cut your sheet goods on the floor on top of a sheet of 2" thick rigid foam insulation (available in most home centers). The foam supports the bottom of the cut for cleaner results, plus you don’t have to lift the heavy sheet up onto sawhorses.

VIDEO TIP: Supporting Sheet Goods with Foam Insulation
Circular Saw Edge Guide
Finally, if you want to ensure accurate cuts, some kind of straightedge guide is a must. Manufacturers have started creating accessories that transform the circular saw into a more precise and accurate cutting tool.

One option is a circular saw edge guide, like the Kreg Rip-Cut, which can cut sheet goods up to 24" with ease. Just clamp it to your saw, adjust to match your cut line, and then you can make repetitive cuts quickly with precision.

Circular Saw Guide Track System

A clamp-on straight edge works well for guiding a circular saw in a straight line while ripping or crosscutting sheet goods. Some companies have taken this concept a step further with tracks that guide your circular saw.

One option is the new Kreg Accu-Cut, which lets you rip, crosscut, and make angled cuts. Simply align the Guide Track with your marks to make accurate cuts. The Accu-Cut does not need to be clamped in place thanks to anti-slip guide strips.
Narrow Crosscuts

When crosscutting narrower boards, the Kreg Square-Cut helps make cuts quicker and more accurate. Just position the Square-Cut against the edge of your board and the built-in guide arm ensures that it sits perfectly square. Plus, the guide arm is adjustable, so you can set it to match the offset between the edge of the saw base and blade.

VIDEO TIP: How To Make Square Cuts with a Circular Saw

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