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Outdoor Oasis: Easy Ways to Refresh Your Deck

Summer is here, and people everywhere are taking every opportunity to enjoy outdoor living. For many of us, this means heading out back to relax on the deck. But you may not be utilizing your deck space to its fullest potential. In this edition of Kreg Plus, we’ll share fun and easy ways to transform your deck into the ultimate outdoor living space.

Refresh Deck Railings Header
Refresh Deck RailingsOne of the easiest ways to transform the look of your deck is to switch out its railings. If your railings are in good shape, you can reuse them in your new design. If any parts are rotten, they’ll need to be thrown out and replaced.

Most deck railings are built with 2x stock and thicker. Whether you’re replacing a rotted rail or building a new set for the entire deck, be sure they’re sturdy and safe. Kreg Joinery™ is great for building rails with hidden fasteners.
The Kreg Jig® HD is ideal, and has been tested to meet building code standards for deck railings.

Create an “Outdoor Room” Header

Create an “Outdoor Room” Image A beautiful way to increase privacy and create the feel of an “outdoor room,” is to build a pergola to sit atop one end of your deck. Once installed, a pergola’s beams and rafters make a big statement (tricking many people into thinking they’re hard to build). Once installed, a pergola’s beams and rafters make a big statement, which tricks many people into thinking they’re hard to build. In reality, rafters are built from simple 2x6s or 2x8s. The great-looking ones shown here use 2x6s that have a gap in between. The tails are simply cut to shape with a jigsaw, and then attached.

The Kreg Jig® HD works great for this application as well. Use heavy-duty clamps, like Automaxx® Bar Clamps, to securely hold the beams and rafters during assembly.

Accents for Added Privacy Header
Accents for Added PrivacyImage Add even more privacy to your outdoor living area by outfitting your pergola with lattice screens. Heavy-duty lattice will hold up great, and can be cut down to fit into the openings between the pergola posts. Once cut, the screens can be placed into frames and attached to the posts for a finished, professional look.

You can construct the mitered frames with the help of your Kreg Jig®, and then secure them in place using a portable jig (like the Kreg Jig® R3 or the drill guide block from your Kreg Jig® coupled with the Portable Base).

Flip Over to Refresh – An Idea for Your Deck Header
While renovating, don’t forget to give your deck boards a good inspection. If you come across a damaged board, it may not need to be replaced. Flip it over, and you’ll usually find a good face. Cleaning and staining will blend its color with surrounding boards.

If you end up needing to replace any boards or if you’re building a new deck from scratch, the Deck Jig™ is a great tool for the job.

Flip Over to Refresh – An Idea for Your Deck Image

The Finishing Touches Header
The Finishing Touches Image Finish the makeover by outfitting your deck with all the right furniture. Build a modular outdoor sectional or a couple of Adirondack chairs to create the perfect conversation area. Construct a stylish outdoor dining table where you can gather for meals while you watch the sun set. You can also build a planter box or two to brighten your deck with some of your favorite plants and flowers.

From Standard to Stunning Header
With just a little imagination, time and effort, you can easily transform a deck that’s seen better days into an outdoor oasis that compliments your home, style, and outdoor living needs.

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