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June 2017
Work Surfaces: Features to Look For
A workbench is the cornerstone of most shops. But it’s always helpful to have a few extra work surfaces around, whether you’re working on a big project or need something mobile. One option is to build these extra work surfaces yourself. There are some handy options available for purchase as well. In this edition of Kreg Plus, we’ll discuss impo rtant features to look for.
If you don’t have space for a permanent workbench or need the ability to take your work elsewhere, a work table may be your perfect solution. One of the main advantages is movability. Look for something that’s relatively lightweight and portable (like the Kreg Mobile Project Center). You can set them up for use in seconds whenever you need them, and fold them down for work on the go, as well as out-of-sight storage when you’re done working.
Sturdiness & Stability
Portability is great, but not if it means flimsy. Other key features to look for are sturdiness and stability. The Mobile Project Center has solid-steel legs and rugged extensions that support the work surface when in use. Also look for non-skid rubber feet to keep the work center from shifting when in use, and for a work surface made from durable material. Particleboard tops can deteriorate quickly. The MPC surface is made from durable polypropylene.
Workpiece Holding
Look for a work center that offers multiple ways to hold your workpieces (clamps, vises, etc). The Mobile Project Center has a T-track in the center of the top. This accommodates a variety of accessories, including a Kreg Bench Clamp. You can use this clamp in a couple of different configurations. Position it anywhere along the T-track to hold down pieces on the table. It can also be used as a clamp vise to clamp onto the edge of workpieces.
Bench Dogs
Bench Dogs are another handy feature in a portable bench. Just like on a stationary bench, dogs allows you to clamp workpieces of various shapes and sizes. The Mobile Project Center has multiple holes in the work surface to accept our included bench dogs.

The surface also has recessed trays to hold hardware and other small items while you work. A lip along the perimeter of the top accepts Kreg Screw containers (100- and 250-count).
To be the most versatile, look for a portable bench that functions in multiple ways. The Mobile Project Center, for example, can be used as a workbench in its standard configuration. But you can also fold down the tables and use it like a sawhorse. When in sawhorse mode, you can add a 2x4 cutting surface top using the included hardware.
Working on larger parts may be tricky on a single work table. If you invest in a few of them, you have even more options. You can connect two Mobile Project Centers side by side to increase the capacity of your workstation, or even connect two with 2x4s and a plywood surface. This will help make working on larger parts more manageable.
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