JUNE 2018
Tips for Outdoor Projects
Make your outdoor builds the best they can be! This month in Kreg Plus, we're sharing tips for building and finishing outdoor projects.
Common Outdoor Woods
In most home centers, the common outdoor woods are cedar and pressure-treated pine. Pressure-treated pine is an economical choice for decks and outdoor projects, but it isn’t good for indoor projects and furniture. Cedar is naturally well-suited for use outdoors but costs a lot more than pressure-treated wood. Cedar can be used indoors, as well, though it’s not common.
More Options for Wood Projects

Cedar is great for outdoor projects. Naturally resistant to decay, it will last for a very long time. You can even leave cedar unfinished.

It's also lightweight, so you can use cedar for building arbors, pergolas, and other structures that you may have to heft into place as you build.  


Like cedar, redwood naturally resists decay and is very durable outdoors. Plus, it has a reddish-brown color that many people really like.

Redwood is easy to cut, glue, and fasten, so you’ll enjoy working with it. Be cautious of the dust as you work. Finishing is up to you. Leave it bare and let it weather, or apply an outdoor finish to help preserve the wood’s color.

White Oak

Chances are that when you think about outdoor projects, oak does not come to mind. Red oak is commonly used for furniture and molding in houses but is not suitable for outdoor use.

White oak, however, is an excellent outdoor wood. It’s a dense, durable hardwood that’s very strong.

Douglas Fir

Cedar, redwood, and white oak are great choices when you want to apply a natural finish or stain.

But what if your outdoor project will be painted, like this planter (built by Shanty2Chic using plans from Ana White)? If that’s the case, consider using a wood called Douglas fir

Choose the Right Screws
When building outdoor projects with Kreg Joinery, we recommend using Kreg Screws for best results. Blue-Kote screws are best for damp or wet applications and work with treated lumber.

screws are designed for use in extreme environments that are exposed to moisture and corrosive elements.

WATCH: How to Choose the Correct Kreg Screw

Choose the Right Exterior Stain

When choosing an exterior stain, it’s important to choose a color you like. It’s just as important to choose the right “transparency” because that’s what determines how much of the wood grain will be visible or hidden. Watch the video below to learn more.

WATCH: How to Choose the Right Exterior Stain

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