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Space-Saving Ideas for a Small Shop

Most woodworkers will describe their workshop as small. And nearly every do-it-yourselfer will tell you that they could use more project-building space. No matter what the size of your shop, you can make it work harder to better serve all of your building needs. In this edition of Kreg Plus, we’ll share a variety of innovative ideas to help you create a more effective and efficient shop—no matter how small it may be!

Maximize Every Square Inch Header
There are many ways to make the most of a small shop space. You can take a minimalist approach that maximizes the open floor space. You can also find clever ways to fit as many tools and supplies as possible into the space available. The shop pictured utilizes just about every square inch of wall and floor space—filled with storage, workbenches, and tools.

Maximize Every Square Inch

Create a Multipurpose Work Center Header

Create a Multipurpose Work Center ImageA great starting point is to create a multipurpose work center for your shop, incorporating your saw, bench clamps, and any other includable benchtop tools you use the most. You can easily create your own work table in a custom size to fit your space, projects, and building needs. With 32 possible configurations, the Kreg Universal Bench is a great solution.

Make Your Work Center Mobile Header
Make Your Work Center Mobile ImageTo get the most versatility in a small shop, make your work station mobile by adding casters. They provide an extremely stable, portable work station that can be moved around your shop as needed. Pull it out when you need to work on projects. Then, when you’re done working, push it back in the corner or against the wall to free up your space once again.

Add Versatility with Benchtop Fixtures Header
Add Versatility with Benchtop Fixtures Image Many people choose to make their central work station even more versatile by installing benchtop clamping accessories. Outfitting your work center with Trak components will allow you to set up a benchtop clamping station whenever you need one. Easily attach bench clamps to your Trak wherever you need to hold workpieces down, and simply remove them to regain your flush work surface.

For even more work-holding options, add a couple of rows of holes for bench dogs. They work with a vise, like the Kreg Klamp Vise™, to help you hold workpieces down in place.

Utilize Unexpected Storage Space Header
Utilize Unexpected Storage Space Image One way to take advantage of every inch is to utilize open spaces under your work surfaces and within your stands and benches. For example, you can make the most of your Kreg Router Table by adding built-in storage.

Here’s a free plan* that you can follow to create your own Kreg Router Table cabinet to create even more storage space in your shop.

*Just log in to your account on or create one to access free plans.

Fill Up Shop Walls with Storage Header
Fill Up Shop Walls with Storage Image Shop walls are the perfect place to house shelves, cabinets, and pegboard panels to hold all of your tools and supplies, and even extra lumber. And this is where having a smaller shop space can really pay off! Just about everything you might need is within arm’s reach—or just a few steps away.

The moral of the story when it comes to small shops is that there really is a creative solution to almost any space-related issue within your project-building domain. After all, woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers are a pretty innovative and resourceful group.

Check Corners for Square Header

For even more ideas to maximize the space in your shop, check out these previous editions of Kreg Plus: One shows more ways to create clever shop storage, and the other has a plan for a folding lumber rack.

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