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MAY 2018
Make Your Kreg Jig Even More Efficient
We all want to get the most from our tools. Whether you're the new owner of a Kreg Jig or have had one for years, we encourage you to read through the list. You're likely to find a new feature or idea to make your Kreg Jig even more efficient. 
Storage Wings
One popular feature of the K5 Kreg Jig is the two large support wings. They provide handy built-in storage for bits and accessories and can be easily removed as needed.

We are commonly asked by K4 Kreg Jig owners if these storage wings are available for purchase separately. While they are not at this time, there are other ways you can make your K4 Kreg Jig even more efficient.
K4 Work Station
One option is to build a portable workstation that will bring your K4 to a more comfortable working height. This workstation includes large wings on each side of the jig. They offer plenty of support for long workpieces, even when you’re drilling near the end of a workpiece.
Built-In Storage
Another handy thing about this station is the set of plastic storage cases housed in a compartment below the work surface. These cases keep drill bits, screws, plugs, and all the necessary accessories within reach while working.
Assembling the Station
The workstation is mostly made of plywood and held together with Kreg Screws. A wide base allows you to clamp it to the workbench when in use. The sides are connected to a sub-top that has spacer strips attached. The spacer strips raise the top so it’s flush with your jig. The support wings get attached to the sub-top through these strips. A set of cleats in the front and back of the base keep the storage cases in place.

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Finally, the entire workstation can easily be carried to the bench using the hand holes. Simply clamp the station to your bench to use it. When you’re done, pack everything back into the storage cases and slide them back into place. A pair of holes in the base allows you to hang it wherever you have room in your shop.
Kreg Jig Work Center
Another great way to organize your pocket-hole joinery is with this rolling Kreg Jig Work Center. It holds a K4 Kreg Jig on top with an optional fence system. Plus, it has a drill holster, optional holders for Kreg cutting accessories, and storage shelves that hold a System Organizer and Screw Organizers.
If You Don't Want to Build a Work Center...
If you don't want to build a workbench or are short on shop space, there are other options. The Kreg Mobile Project Center is a great choice if you prefer portable workspace that can be stored away. It allows you to create a workbench in seconds anywhere you need to.
Another workspace solution is the Kreg Universal Bench. With 30 possible configurations, there is a Universal Bench option to fit every space, every project, and every need.
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