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7 Ways to Use the New In-Line Clamp
The new In-Line Clamp makes it easy to hold workpieces of all shapes and sizes. The clamp is super easy to use and comes in handy in a lot of different situations. Here are just a few.
Assemble Solid-Wood Panels
Kreg Joinery is a great way to turn narrow boards into wide panels for tabletops and more. The In-Line Clamp can make this process easier by helping hold the boards tightly together while you work. Simply drop a couple of bench dogs into dog holes in your work surface.

Arrange your boards, and then drop an In-Line Clamp into a dog hole on the other side. If your boards are long, use a couple of In-Line Clamps. Turn the adjustment dial to apply a bit of pressure to your boards. Move the boards as needed to align the faces, and then tighten the clamp more.
Align Solid-Wood Edging
The In-Line Clamp makes it easier to attach solid-wood edging to plywood panels by helping to hold the panel and edging in place while you drive in Kreg Screws. Just rest your panel against a couple of bench dogs and then drop in your edging and an In-Line Clamp.

Whether you’re installing the edging flat or at a 90° angle to the panel face, all you have to do is dial in some pressure with the In-Line Clamp, or two, and your edging will stay in place while you drive in the screws
Steady Parts During Assembly
Sometimes, when you’re putting a project together, you just need an extra hand to hold a piece in place while you test its fit or attach it. The In-Line Clamp is great for this since it adjusts quickly and easily.
Hold an Odd-Shaped Workpiece
When you’re working with project parts that aren’t square, the In-Line Clamp is the perfect way to hold them in place. Just use a couple of bench dogs to hold the piece on one side. Then use an In-Line Clamp to hold your odd-shaped workpiece against the dogs.
Sand without Obstructions
Many kinds of clamps get in the way when you’re sanding, but not the In-Line Clamp. The clamp shoe is only 1/2" thick, so it sits well below the surface of 3/4" thick, or “1-by,” material. With the In-Line Clamp holding your piece in place, you can sand up to and over the edge without the clamp getting in the way.
Hold Pieces While You Apply Finish
When you’re applying paint or finish to a workpiece, you want to be able to access the whole surface without anything getting in the way. Because the In-Line Clamp has a low-profile design, you can hold the piece in place while still having access to the entire surface.
Assembling Mitered Corners
When you're assembling mitered corners, such as when building a picture frame, aligning the corners can be tough. The In-Line Clamp makes it easy with a notch that holds mitered corners securely. With the joint held tightly, you can easily make sure the pieces are aligned as you drive in the screws.
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