November 2018
3 Video Tips for Better Finishes
Applying the final finish is often the last step in a project, and it can be scary, since getting bad results at this point can ruin a whole lot of hard work. This month in Kreg Plus, we'll share three video tips that will help you achieve a perfect finish on your wood projects.
Wood Stain vs. Wood Finish
Learn the differences between wood stain and wood finish. They’re similar, but not the same. We’ll break down the differences in quick, easy-to-understand ways. Watch the video now.
Ensure a Smooth Paint Finish
Learn how to get a super smooth paint finish using a trick the pros know: paint conditioner. You just paint conditioner into your paint, and it helps the paint lay down flat and smooth without “orange peel” from a roller or marks from a brush. Watch the video now.
Apply a Great Spray Paint Finish
Spraying paint or finish can be a great way to add the final coats to a project. Spraying seems pretty simple, until you end up with runs, inconsistent color, or you have to deal with fumes. Here are simple ways to combat all those spraying issues. Watch the video now.
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