Hardware-Container - klein

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  • Hardware-Container - klein

Speichern Sie und organisieren Sie Kreg Schrauben und andere Hardware im Shop und für unterwegs. 

  • 3" Breite x 41/4"hohe x 17/8"tief
  • Verriegelung Deckel mit einem Etikett schreiben-auf
  • Trocken abwischbare Oberfläche für einfache Aktualisierung der Etiketten
  • Stapelbar, transparente Körper
  • Passt in die Kreg Screw Organizer, System Organizer, und Großen Hardware Container
  • In vier Packungen verkauft

$7.99 USD


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Kreg Hardware Container sind die perfekte Lösung für die Speicherung und Organisation aller Arten von losen Hardware. Diese handliche Behälter sind die gleichen langlebig, wiederverschließbar, wiederverwendbare Behälter, die Paket Kreg Schrauben verwendet werden.

Aber haben Hardware Container, Deckel mit einer Oberfläche, der Sie schreiben können leicht zu identifizieren, was im Inneren gespeichert ist. Erhältlich in Kleine Und großen Größen, Hardware Container passen in den neuen Screw Organizer, und in der Die Bohrerführungen aus gehärtetem Stahl von Kreg System Organizer, auch. Hardware Container sind in Packungen zu vier verkauft.

Erhältlich in zwei Größen:

  • Klein: 3" Breite x 41/4"hohe x 17/8"tief
  • Große: 1/4"Breite x 61/4"hohe x 17/8"tief

Technische Daten


3" Breite x 41/4"hohe x 17/8"tief (76 x 108 x 47 mm)


Transparent, stapelbar, wiederverwendbar


Wiederverschließbar mit einem Etikett schreiben-auf

Passt in

Screw Organizer | System Organizer | Großen Hardware-Containers


In Packungen zu vier

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I just bought screws in the new box. After struggling with the lid, I found a way to open the lid. I have a larger box but I think it will work on the small. I place my fingertips on the lid and my thumb on one of the clear corner tabs. With my thumb, I apply pressure to the tab deflecting it toward the box. While it is deflected, I pull the tab up a little and it presses that corner of the lid up. I can hear and feel the lid snap open.


By Bob Templeton

October 12, 2017


Love the containers, great for wood screw storage and organization.One problem though, I wish you sold replacement labels. I wrote on mine with a Sharpie and now I can't change names. Love all my Kreg products, keep up the good work.


By David Dillon

August 28, 2017

New Kreg boxes

Nice box but I cannot open them. If you are supposed to remove one of the corner tabs then I can get them open, But as an old retired guy these are very hard to open and I need a flat tool to pry them open.


By Ken Vargo

August 23, 2017

some containers are hard to open

I am changing my original review and adding a star. I think there could be a manufacturing flaw with some of the containers. The first container I tried to open was a 1-1-2". After working on it for several minutes I did finally get it open with a bottle opener. The second container was for 2-1/2". All I had to do to open it was bend one corner tab back and the lid opened easily with my thumb.


By Lou Warren

July 7, 2017

Works fine.

This is in reply to Mike's review. I think that's the point. As these are the same containers that they are now selling their screws in, those four tabs on the corners are the "tamper proofing" so people don't open them up in the store and steal things out.


By Ned Hummel

April 21, 2017

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